The Automated Bear Trap is the world’s first and only web enabled bear trap forĀ managementĀ and conservation purposes.
the automated bear trapThe automated bear trap (ABT) is a highly innovative culvert trap, designed and built by Alter Enterprise in Missoula, Montana. The ABT is a step forward in technology and bear safety. The automated features and proven structural design generate less stress for bears and other captured wildlife. It also allows personnel to make real-time active management decisions to reduce bear captivity time. ‘I thought this group might be interested in the recent development of an”automated bear trap” (ABT) in Montana, US, replete with live webcams to monitor the trap, temperature sensors, and a remote control system to allow the trap to be opened and re-armed in the event of a non-target animal being trapped. Because the trap can be monitored and controlled from a laptop or smart phone, it saves bear biologists hours of travel, reduces the time animals are in the trap, and is safer for both bears and biologists. Currently there is only one prototype ABT in existence, however this concept could have wide application to other animal capture situations. You can read an article I wrote about the trap in Montana Outdoors magazine here: Alter Enterprise in Missoula, Montana, which developed the trap, hopes to make them commercially available. If interested in technical details, you can contact Ryan Alter.’ – Christine Paige, Wildlife Biologist Ravenworks Ecology Jackson, WY 83001 Referral taken from: