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ABT on location

ABT on location

Many people ask us what we do with the automated bear trap. The answer is we only maintain it. Bear management via the automated bear trap is completed by professional bear biologists. The ABT is designed to be humane, improve safety and provide bear managers with a time saving tool which also collects important data such as images, temperatures, and RFID numbers.

The designer and patent holder, Ryan Alter of Alter Enterprise, is committed to wildlife conservation. Ryan has been installing and monitoring wildlife cameras for over 10 years including bird boxes, osprey nests, burrowing owls and underwater fish cameras. Ryan also designed and built a manmade bear den for a orphaned black bear cub we nicknamed Bruno. Watch archived videos of Bruno on our YouTube channel. Alter Enterprise uses the data we have collected from many different wildlife projects to write national standard curriculum. The curriculum is taught at the Alter Enterprise green screen studios in Missoula, MT. Our hour hour interactive video conference education classes are directed towards students K-12. Not surprisingly our most popular classes involve bears! We offer classes discussing bear habitat, hibernation and of course bear safety.

So please contact Alter Enterprise and ask us your question! If we don’t have the answer we will direct you to someone who can help.

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