The automated bear trap is  used for grizzly bear management. Sometimes the bait in the trap attracts other animals who are looking for something to eat.

Black bears

Black bear looking for something to eatBlack bears eat mainly grasses, roots, berries, and insects. They will also consume animals and fish. Bears can easily develop a palate for human food and garbage. Bears who become accustomed to rummaging through trash bins at campgrounds, homesteads or cabins are often put down because they start to associate humans with food and can be a dangerous situation. As a reminder: Please don’t feed for the wildlife, it is for your safety and theirs!


Skunk eat bait in TrapSkunks are opportunistic eaters who eat a wide range of foods. Skunks forage for food at night looking for fruit, plants, insects, eggs, reptiles, small animals, and fish. Interesting fact: The asian stink badger is the only member of the skunk family not living in North America.

Mountain Lion

Lion Looks IN Trap for something to eatCougars prey on deer. They also eat smaller animals such as coyotes, porcupines, and raccoons. Mountain lions usually hunt at night or during the  hours of dawn and dusk.

The one thing grizzly bears, black bears, skunks and mountain lions have in common?

Birds eat in trapThey are all attracted to the carion in the ABT. We have never captured photos of a lion in the trap (it is highly unlikely they would enter a culvert trap given their conservative nature). We do have photos of black bears, birds and skunks inside the trap. These can be seen in the slideshow.