Events and Fans of the Automated Bear Trap

When possible we take the ABT around to events including bear fairs and conferences to promote it’s safety features and innovative technology.

This year we will be attending:

New Ways to Use Digital Technologies in the Field
May 15-16, 2013
Selkirk College, Castlegar BC
Visit their website.

Past events have included:

Alter Enterprise displayed the ABT at the International Bear and Human Conflict Conference in Missoula, MT March 20-22, 2012. The trap was featured in a presentation on cell base cameras presented by biologist Tim Manley. Stephanie and Ryan Alter were on hand to answer questions.

The trap was also featured in a Missoulian article on March 5th, 2012.

The Montana Outdoors publication also featured on article on the ABT in the March-April 2012 issue:

The ABT was featured on FWP TV Show

The Automated Bear Trap was displayed at the 2012 Family Forestry Expo – Trumbull Creek Educational Forest. Developer Ryan Alter was on hand to answer questions.

2012 Grizzly Bear Rendezvous with Jack Hanna. The ABT was on display at Jack Hanna’s Farm. Developer Ryan Alter was on hand to answer questions.

2012 Bear Fair Coram, MT on display presented by Tim Manley.

2012 BOW Workshop, Big Fork, MT presentation by Lindsey Stutzman, Nicole Bellerose and Kylie Jones. Technician Stephanie Alter was on hand to answer questions.