The automated bear trap’s first year of deployment: 2009

The automated bear trap was first deployed in the summer of 2009. After months of research and feedback from bear managers, Alter Enterprise constructed the first automated bear trap.

Creating The ABT

This prototype was funded by an anonymous donor who then donated the specialized culvert trap to MT FWP. The trap is currently in use and has been used every field season since its first deployment. Over the years we have had very little maintenance. We have had to replace a tire and a camera due to bear activity, which is normal…bears like to try to chew on things. The electrical equipment has held up very well considering all of the outdoor conditions the trap has been exposed to. We have had little to no maintenance on the electronics. It is important to know that the ABT is powered by a battery pack. This battery pack must be charged either electrically or by solar power to continue to power the ABT. A fully charged battery pack lasts about one week in the field. The battery pack can be recharged by plugging it into an outlet, plugging it into a generator or plugging in the highly bear resistant solar panels.

This slideshow highlights one of the ABT’s very first captures.