Gathering data about Grizzly Bears

Gathering data, processing, a work up…they all kind of mean the same thing. These are phrases a bear manger may use when “looking over” a bear. The ABT is utilized for management and conservation. When a bear is captured by a biologist they are several things that may happen.

The bear may not be the target animal managers are looking for so it is released. By using the release internet interface in the ABT, managers can identify and release the bruin within minutes of it being captured.

Another option is that the bear is required for an augmentation project. What does that mean? Well in Western Montana sometimes a female of a cub bearing age is relocated to an area where biologists are trying to encourage population growth. For more information on this please visit:

This was the case for the Ursus arctos pictured in the slideshow. When a bruin is captured for an augmentation project the biologist collects the bruins vitals including: blood, hair, measurements and sometimes a tooth.  Being bear aware means more than keeping your trash away from animals. It also means understanding the conservation efforts behind the slogan. We have been fortunate enough to learn about this process and we are glad to have the opportunity to share it with you.