How many times can a grizzly bear be captured?

As we talked about in Processing, when a grizzly bear is caught by a professional bear manager there are several things that may happen.

The bear may not be the target bear managers are looking for so it is released. By using the release internet interface in the ABT managers can identify and release the bear within minutes of it being captured.

Another option is that the bear is required for an augmentation project. What does that mean? Well in Western Montana sometimes female bears of a cub bearing age are relocated to areas where biologists are trying to encourage the bear population. For more information on this please

Or possibly as pictured in this slideshow the bear is caught for management reasons. This could mean that the bear has wandered too close to homesteads, made a habit of rummaging through garbage or in this case to collect biological data.

Bear managers collect biological data to keep tabs on the health of the bear population. These statistics are important to the continued conservation of grizzly bears in Western Montana. Did you know that grizzly bears are an endangered species? Learn more about grizzly bears at:

The bears are carefully placed back into the trap after the data has been collected. In a few hours the drugs which sedated the bear will wear off and the bear will be released. A great feature of the automated bear trap is that if a bear manger is not on site they can monitor the bear via the interior trap camera AND release the bear remotely from their laptop. Exterior cameras around the trap insure that no other bears or people are present.