The Automated Bear Trap Increases Safety Measures in Bear Safety

The ABT was built with increasing bear safety measures in mind. The internet interface  release puts humans well out of  the way when a bear is being released. In fact, a biologist can do so from their office, their car or even from home when a call comes in at one o’clock in the morning. Release by on site remote control allows managers to be farther away from the trap when releasing the bear. We have installed Temperature sensors that send an alert when the temperature is getting too high in the trap. An interior camera allows bear managers to quickly judge if it is a non target capture, bruin size and possible id by ear tag/RFID reader. These recorded images from inside the trap let managers know how much  recovery time was needed for the bear.

We also use some data collected to teach bear safety to students K-12 in Montana and Idaho. Below are some pre recorded examples.

Wednesday May 23rd Arlee Elementary 5th and 6th grade approx. 60 students. Link to recorded presentation:

Thursday May 24th Darby Elementary 3rd grade Arlee approx. 25 students Link to recorded presentation:

Over all our design is made to reduce the stress on the bear, increase safety measures while releasing a bear and provide bear managers with important image data.