Automated Bear Trap satellite


2012 March/April issue of Montana Outdoors Magazine

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The automated bear trap was featured in the 2013 April issue of Montana Outdoors Magazine. It was a great day in the field with the ABT, Christine Paige and Montana FWP. This particular remote location required the use of the satellite dish. Our humane trap can be connected either via satellite or cell frequency to push out the image data and text alerts. Modern technology makes finding the satellite signal easy. Once the trap is connected via satellite it can send images, text alerts, emails and temperature data directly to an inbox or cell phone. These message alerts are also available through the culvert trap’s normal mode of operation: cell frequency. The trap will continuously call the designated phone number until a live person answers the phone. This insures that someone is informed of the trap door closure allowing bear managers to make real time decisions. During peak season or while short staffed the ABT offers bear biologist more time to trap, manage and assist landowners. This article discusses some additional features of the live trap as well as the benefits to bear managers.

We would like to thank the author and photographer Christine Paige for her time and professionalism. We would like to also thank Montana Outdoors Magazine for featuring the automated bear trap.