Patent #8112934

The Automated Bear Trap, patent #8112934 was designed and built by Alter Enterprise of Missoula, MT.  In February of 2012 Alter Enterprise received the patent rights to the technology that makes this bear trap so special.

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Why build an automated bear trap?

Inventor of the automated bear trap, Ryan Alter, enjoys taking on innovative and technologically advanced projects. With the assistance of a bear manager Ryan designed a live culvert trap that improves safety conditions for both the bear and the biologists.

How does the ABT improve safety?

The ABT contains sensors that will alert a biologist via text, email or phone call that the trap door has been activated. This means the bear will be spending less time in the trap. An interior sensor also lets the bear manger know what the temperature is inside of the culvert trap.

The remote internet interface allows the biologist to open or close the trap door via a secure web connection. This ensures a safe distance at the time of release.

The wireless features of the ABT can run for about a week on the battery bank stored inside the trailer. This gives bear managers a great advantage. The ABT can be placed in a needed area and checked on via the internet. This provides biologists with more time to tend to their other traps and management issues essentially expanding their trapping abilities and reducing bear conflicts. Read more about this in Conserving Resources.